Nail It Right Off the Bat Using Social Media

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Social media is about people and building relationships, it is a way for businesses to connect on a personal level with their consumers. Nail it right off the bat using social media is a post on how to achieve competitive advantage over your competitors using the simplest means possible..

Gaining a competitive advantage using social media starts with listening and helping people with their problems.

Everyone uses social media differently and based on your goals you need to plan a fitting approach to leverage the benefits of social media networks.

According to a research done by Duke University, the study on social media, it has been forecasted that in the next five years 25% of your marketing budgets will be spent on social media.

let’s look at a few social media tips to help you improve your marketing efforts right away.

Share Images On Twitter

“Join the bigger conversation and tell your stories in pictures” by adding inline images to your tweets.

Once you start doing this you will notice a massive difference in reader engagement and click through rates, especially if you are a growing company or if you have a product release right around the corner.

Try experimenting with them a bit to see what works for you and your company.

A/B Testing

How do you know if your social media campaign is working? When is the best time to share? How to reach the maximum target audience? Do you know which tweets work better, the longer ones or the short?

The answer to all the above questions could be only found out if you are testing and measuring your social media campaigns.

A/B testing or split testing isn’t only restricted to websites, Adwords or email campaigns, but could also be applied to your social campaigns to help you to attract maximum traffic, increases followers and build a network of influencers thereby improving your traffic generation and promote sales.

Go Mobile

The world has embraced mobile, this isn’t just a statement but a real fact.

Mobile web adoption is growing at an enormous rate. Mobile is rapidly becoming an exclusive means to go online.

Mobile based search make up to a quarter of all searches. Working towards a mobile optimized website or blog would be a step for the future or rather the present.

Google has always been an early adopter and according to the latest news google has been pushing websites to become mobile friendly. In short, google will penalize you if you do not have a responsive site that caters to mobile users.

Pay For Spike In Traffic

Search engine optimization is organic and free, but sometimes it may not be enough. Opt for a pay-per-click strategy to get immediate results.

Advertise from time to time. Google AdWords is a great way to advertise and you get to pay only if someone clicks.

All major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. allow placing Ads on their platforms. When you pay for placements you expand your reach to communities other than your own in an effective and swift manner.

Encourage Customer Experience

Customers are incredible people, encouraging them to interact with one another is a great way to build relationships with you as their common interest.

This will ensure that your brand has loyal customers. Create a community and let the community help new customers if appropriate create a forum for the same.

Customer feedback’s are vital info that will help better improve and promote your product & services.Give customers a reason to help you.

The straight forward answer to this predicament would be to offer your customers something of added value that would serve as a motivator such as discounts, coupons, free webinars, and downloadable eBooks.

Share success stories of how your product or service meet your customer’s needs on social media. Keep planning your incentives and be familiar with your customer’s expectations and behaviors.

Think through your social media tactics with customer service as a part of it.

Share Content Repetitively

We often share blog posts repetitively on social networks, why do it? The obvious answer would be to drive more traffic to your blog post. Each time you tweet the greater the chances that you get retweets and favorites.

Improve engagement by repetitively sharing. One more reason why we do it is to reach people in different time zones.

Increase your tweets of blog posts to hit various time zones to reach new followers.

The other reason which we should think about when writing a blog is the relevancy of the content itself, make sure what you write stays relevant even if you repost the same after a few months. Improve your follower’s growth and repost accordingly.

Use LinkedIn To Your Build Credibility As An Expert

The LinkedIn publisher is a great way to increase your reach to the target audience and to establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

Any business online must use this function as LinkedIn has the ability to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled.

Since LinkedIn is a professional network, it is a mandate that we create posts accordingly.

Post valuable content that addresses the needs and wants of your customers, remember that your content becomes part of your company’s profile.

Create Brand Awareness With YouTube

Are you planning to use high-quality videos to promote your business?

This means the channel of your choice is YouTube. Create brand awareness for your company, develop your channel and spread your brand identity by using company’s logo in your videos, using colors, design, and graphics that only correspond to your company and also distinctively design your social channel page to suit your company’s style and type.

Smart marketers are using videos to engage visitors, let’s look at a few interesting facts about YouTube.

YouTube is among the top 7 platforms used by marketers. According to Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2014, 67% of marketers plan to improve their YouTube marketing, the original videos posted on YouTube account to 60% of the total videos.

Business to Consumer marketers is more likely to post more on YouTube. When asked as to how the marketers will change their future content activities, 73% of them plan to invest their time on videos, that says a lot on where you should be investing your time and money in the future.

If you aren’t already on YouTube, set up a channel now for your business and figure out what you have to offer to your viewers. A note to remember guess what guys if you created a video that goes viral you might find a lot of quality traffic heading your way.

I have a great tip for people who use YouTube as your main marketing channel, add a pop-up to your channel. When you share your YouTube add ?sub_confirmation=1 to end of the URL to add a pop up to confirm channel subscription.

This is a way to make people subscribe to your YouTube channel and it might work wonders for you. Give it a shot.

Social Media Strategy

“Tactics without a strategy is worse than doing nothing at all” – Li Evans

There are a few key steps you need to plan before implementing your strategy. Let’s look at a few.

Proactive engagement with people mentioning your brand. Ensure brand response is optimal thereby improving customer experience.

Be an active social listener, monitor what people are saying about your brand and the issues they face if any. Try tracking competitors, relative keywords, and mentions of your brand.

Proactive listening goes a long way, gain unique insights from your customers and industry influencers. Build better relationships.

Engage with not only your prospects but also your customers as well. Show your appreciation to people who support you, make sure no question goes unanswered, social media engagement is also a core focus on your social media strategy, so don’t miss out it.

Well, we talked about what must be kept in mind when we plan a strategy, but what are things you must avoid?

Posting excessively – following on social media is an act which takes place since people like you or you what you gotta offer. We don’t gain anything unless we give something in return. Provide value in your posts to gain loyal readers.

Excessive and unnecessary posting may create an overall negative image of you / your brand.

Do you want people to say “I am tired of listening to this guy”, keep it simple, keep it interesting and that is what you need to concentrate on.

At the same time, don’t forget to actively measure your ROI, it not only shows that you have a working strategy but also ensures your cash cow (I meant Cash flow) is stable.

Adapting to change is another key takeaway and needs to be adopted. This may look like a daunting task at first, but adapt to survive.

Your Emotions Matter

People hate listening to robots talk, don’t be a person who offers systematic advice, because people like to listen to positive and uplifting solutions to important issues.

Users are more likely to follow you if share happy updates. Emotions and feelings, people relate to this and your shared optimism could, in the end, prove well for you.


No matter which strategy you decide to use, the thing to remember here is always to be proactive and helpful on social media to gain your readers loyalty.

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